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  1. Should you require our services, we have a designated email address for booking an assessment, once received a response will be sent with our reference number to confirm receipt of your instructions.

  2. Your request should include:
    A claim or reference number
    Authority level (e.g. Without Prejudice or Authorise Repairs)
    A claim form or accident description, to determine consistency
    Date of loss
    Vehicle type, registration and current location
    Contact details for the insured
    Billing details for the repairer invoice
    Excess, if applicable
    Contact details of the person handling the claim, phone and email address
    Any special instructions
    Please also provide the billing address required for our account

  3. Should your client request a later date for an assessment we will forward a Present Position Advice to advise you of the current job status.

  4. Once the assessment has taken place and all the relevant information is to hand the Assessment Report will be sent. Depending on whether the vehicle is deemed repairable or a total loss proposition, the report will include:
  • The Assessed Quote
  • Images and/or Total Loss Documentation including PAV, Salvage estimates, Replacement tender, Towing advice and WOVR notification, as required
  • Any discussions with the Insured, Third Party, repairer or other parties in relation to the current claim

Our invoice for services rendered will also be forwarded at this point, and we respectfully request that all invoices are paid within 10 days of receipt of the assessment report.

Additional works carried out by the repairer will be checked for consistency and cost, signed and returned to you with our recommendation. No additional fee will be incurred for this service, provided the vehicle does not require reinspection.

We can also offer if so desired, a service to consolidate the repairer invoices on your behalf.

All service costs are by negotiation and relative to your individual requirements.

Please contact myself personally to discuss how Assured Motor Assessing can be of service to you.

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